We have professionals with years of experience building and flying RC Helicopters that will build your RC Helicopter for you.

If you purchase a combo package from us that come with a transmitter we will bind it for you and make it Ready-to-Fly.

Only one professional is assigned to one helicopter to ensure that your helicopter gets the attention to details it needs. Also you will have access to the professional that built your helicopter so you can ask questions or report any issues that you may have with the helicopter he built for you.

Every helicopters built by us are tested to ensure maximum performance before you receive it.


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US: 877-724-3547
International: 1-818-996-6551
Monday - Friday 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Pacific Time




Class:                     Price:
250 and 450            $250.00
500                            $275.00
550 and  600           $295.00
700                            $325.00