MS Heli Protos 500 Class Helicopter Kit (No Motor w/Carbon Fiber Blades)

MS Heli Protos 500 Class Helicopter Kit (No Motor w/Carbon Fiber Blades)

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  • MS Heli Protos 500 Class Helicopter Kit (No Motor w/Carbon Fiber Blades)
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The MSH Protos was the most anticipated new helicopter of 2008! Lightweight & quiet, its superb Italian engineering gives this new 500 size electric heli incredible performance & agility. The innovative single belt design provides a continuous drive from the motor to the main gear and the tail rotor eliminating gear mesh problems and noise resulting in smoother and quieter flight. Its low weight, rigid frame, and smooth slop free controls make the Protos fast, nimble, and precise. Weighing up to 200 grams less than comparable 500 sized (425mm rotor blade) helicopters the Protos can weigh as little as 1520 grams with a lightweight 6s 2500mAh setup. With its programmable paddles and several mixing options on the head to tailor control response, the Protos can be fine tuned from mild to wild. The Protos is different in both look and function, and is exciting to fly.


  • Main blade size: 415mm-430mm 
  • Main gear: 93T  
  • Pinion: from 15T to 20T
  • Innovative single belt drive (motor, main gear and tail)
  • 2mm flybar, Gorilla Gear programmable paddles 
  • 4mm tail grip root  
  • 1520g all-up-weight (AUW) with a 6s lipo 2500mAh 
  • 17mm OD aluminum tail boom  
  • Will support mini sized servos having 2 mounting holes or 1 mounting holes 
  • LiPo from 4S (~3700mAh) to 6S (~2500mAh)  
  • Can use A123 7S 2300mAh humpback slab pack (2 cells over 5 cells). The AUW becomes ~1700g 
  • Metal hub, metal swashplate, plastic tail box, main grips and tail grips 
  • Programmable flybar ratios 
  • The tail grips with integrated Chinese weights so even a mini size tail servo will have the same performance as a full size tail servo 
  • Very low risk of static problems  
  • Frame material: carbon impregnated plastic + 30% carbon 
  • Gorilla Gear landing gear
  • 425mm Carbon Fiber Blades (included)
  • Requires 800KV, 1100W motor (not included)

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