HeliHobby Rewards System


What is the HeliHobby Rewards System?

Great savings are even easier to achieve now with Heli Hobby’s new reward points system. Though many web stores offer a rewards system, they are often complicated and because of that most customers choose to ignore them. We decided it’s time that someone implemented a rewards system that actually saves you money!

The reward points system at Heli Hobby could not be any simpler. Let’s take a hypothetical situation for examples sake. Say you place an order for several items that totals $700. After order completion, 700 rewards points will be applied to your account. From there, they will continue to accumulate with each order you place. So on your next order, if you wish to receive a discount, at checkout you can use the reward points slider to choose how many points to “cash in” for a discount on your order. The exchange rate for points to dollars is 100 points per 1 dollar. This means that if you were to place another order that totaled $7, your order would be free!

Other ways to earn points

There are several other ways to accumulate reward points. Right off the bat, you start with 50 points just for registering.  Refer a friend, and another 100 points are added to your account. If that friend goes on to shop with us, you’ll also receive 30 points for each of their purchases. Additionally, if you have experience with one of our products, we love to hear from you! 30 points are added for each review.

The reward points system is a great way to accumulate savings. By shopping at Heli Hobby, not only will you receive the same great service and selection you have come to expect, but you can rack up some great savings as well!